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Name: SMS Prank
Category: Entertainment
Type: Commercial (Free!)
Platforms: Android 2.2+ (Available)
Download: Available free:
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Fake SMS messages and trick your friends into believing your lies.
Want to trick you friends into believing you had a romantic SMS conversation with the hottest chick in town? Want a fake proof to get a free day off? Want to play a good April's fool on your family? SMS prank allows you to fake receiving and sending customized SMS messages from anyone in your contact list! Of course, the actual one and only author of those messages is you!
  • Fake SMS Messages in both receiving/sending mode and trick your friends around you into believing your white lies :)
  • Pranks show in the notification bar and are stored in your SMS inbox. You can even fake a whole conversation!
  • Pranks can be scheduled at a particular time.
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