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Name: SMS Leb
Category: Communication
Type: Commercial (Free!)
Platforms: Android 2.2+ (Available)
iOS (Coming Soon)
Download: MTC Support:
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Alfa Support:
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SMS Leb allows Lebanese users to send free SMS using their Alfa/MTC Web account.
SMS Leb is a free mobile and smartphone app that allows you to send free SMS messages to any mobile number using your Wifi or 3G internet connection by signing in to your Lebanese Alfa online account. Instead of fighting your way through a "not so mobile-friendly" site, you can send free SMS messages to your friends in a matter of clicks, whether they are in Lebanon or abroad.

SMS Leb is a success story that reached number 4 in Android's top 100 free apps in the market; a number even the official Alfa app failed to reach (Considering all the marketing from Alfa themselves).
SMS Leb gathers around 100 000 downloads, and recieves an average of 60 000 requests per day, making it one of the most successful Lebanon applications.
  • Send free SMS in a matter of clicks, no need to enter any CAPTCHA code.
  • Sent SMS messages gets saved directly inside your phone message history.
  • Integrates with your phone.
  • Select contacts from your address book. International numbers are supported.
  • Ability to save your login information.
  • Start typing your message without waiting to login.
  • Smart design and easy to use.
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