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Name: Heart Attack
Category: First Person Turn Based RPG
Type: Experimental
Technology: Delphi
Heart Attack is a proof of concept game running on Delphi 2006 with a Microsoft Access Database. The player is the actual hero in the game, and it all start when a fairy shows up to the hero and warns about a massive attack. Answering questions allows the player to gain different abilities and powers based on the answers. The battle system is basic pen and paper RPG with a turn based system. There's also an "adventure" side of the game allowing the player to interact with different environments and engage in conversations.
  • Native Windows game using software emulation with no need for GPU.
  • Full character development system affected not only by leveling up, but also by taking different choices in the game.
  • Full turn based RPG battle system, with ability to attack, defend, use magic, items and even flee.
  • Items can be baught from shots. All item templates reside in the database.
  • Interactive adventure sections.
  • Save system based on the user state in the database.
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