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Name: Total Liban Push Pull Management
Managed By: Cellcast ME
Category: SMS Order management
Type: Commercial
Technology: C#/.NET/ASP.NET/AJAX/SQL Server
Total Liban SMS Push-Pull management system is a web-based application that allows to manage orders from Total's HQ. Total customers all are Lebanon can order simply via SMS, and messages are received and displayed in real time (via Ajax) to be managed and handled by Total's HQ. When orders are processed, an SMS response is sent back to the client to either confirm or reject his order.
  • SMS orders are received in real time. No need to refresh the page to check.
  • Orders can be either accepted, rejected to modified. Upon action, a response SMS is automatically sent to the client.
  • Processed orders are stored and can be searched and filtered by product, date, client phone number, etc...
  • Full management system for allowed clients, products and users.
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