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Name: RSS Search Engine
Category: Crawling, index optimization and search
Type: Experimental
Technology: C#/.NET/SQL Server/WPF
RSS Crawler is an application that crawls different RSS feed locations and stores the returned results in a database with extra attention on text indexing. Microsoft's own Full Text Search was not used, instead an in-house algorithm is used to store different key values and relate them based on taxonomic and grammatical values.
  • The crawler uses multi threads to connect to different RSS locations. RSS feeds are checked regularly the local search database is selectively updated.
  • Search engine allows single word search, boolean search and also a "weighted" search with allows user the assign variable weights to different keywords.
  • Ability to selectively ban keywords.
  • Search engine presentation layer implemented in WPF.
  • Caching for search results.
  • Precision and recall reaching up to 95% on some keywords.
  • Impressive benchmark results.
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