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Name: PDF Document Streamer
Category: Document streaming
Type: Experimental
Technology: C#/.NET/Adobe Flash

PDF Document streamer is an impressive proof of concept application that converts a PDF document into Flash-viewable format. A Flash viewer is also implemented to allow browsing through the converted document selectively. This concept is very similar to video streaming services such as YouTube, but works on documents instead.

Imagine there's a 200 MB book somewhere online, and the user wants to read only the last chapter. He would have to download the whole PDF file and wait for a long time before being able to browse that particular chapter. PDF Document Streamer solves this prolem and the user can selectively stream the last chapter through the Flash viewer without having to download the whole book.

  • Conversion: The system is capable of converting a PDF document into Flash-readable format by simply file upload.
  • Streaming: The streamed document's content can be streamed selectively.
  • Caching: Streamed pages are cached and don't get re-downloaded when requested again, but load from the local cache.
  • Animated pages: Converted pages can be replaced with native flash animations.
  • RTL support: Magazine viewer supports RTL documents and Arabic magazines can be viewed from right to left.
  • Ergonomy: Elegant design and animation such as page flipping and a user friendly navigation/
  • Zooming: When zooming, textual data and vector animations do not lose quality.
  • Watermarked printing: Users have the ability to printpages. An XML-configured watermark can be optionally printed on the output as well.
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