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Name: MTV's Wanted Show
Managed By: Cellcast ME
Category: Live TV - SMS pulling
Type: Commercial
Technology: C#/.NET/Windows Forms/SQL Server
MTV's Wanted Show aired live in Ramadan 2009. The idea of the show is to publically pose 15 questions and expect answers to be received through SMS. In parallel, celebrity guests appear on the show and talk about their latest news and involvements. Our objective was to implement two applications: one responsible for handling the SMS messages received and filter them in accordance to the show's algorithm. And one responsible for importing questions, answers and other variables which were mapped directly to be shown live on TV.
  • Ability to import questions and answers directly from an excel sheet through the administrative application.
  • For non MCQ questions, the administrator has the ability to filter answers as they are received in real time based on the closest answer.
  • Application shows statistics grouped by countries and number of winners, with the ability to make everyone win on a particular live question.
  • Stats also show joker usage by country and number of users who still did not use the joker.
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