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Name: Arabica Encyclopedia
Category: Proof of concept Encyclopedia
Type: Experimental
Technology: C#/.NET/Access/Windows Forms
Arabica Encyclopedia is a simple application that showcases articles from a Microsoft Access database. Articles can be filtered and typed with a beep sound for non-existant articles (Encarta style). Also, articles can be mapped to multimedia files such as images and audio. The application requires a unique USB for validation in order to counter piracy.
  • Contains USB-key authentication system that checks if the original USB drive is mounted on the PC or else they application doesn't launch.
  • Fully dynamic articles that can be mapped to multiple dynamic categories as well.
  • User has the ability to search articles Encarta style with or without category filtering.
  • Ability to play audio or view slideshow or images.
  • Windows-based content management system that allows administrators to import articles and multimedia files
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